Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two of Swords

I always pull the two of swords when I'm trying to protect myself. This card may appear in a reading when you or someone close to you has some major emotional walls up and is afraid of losing something; perhaps independence or investments. The swords are used in this card out of defensiveness, not as a weapon for revenge or conductors of energy, but as a response to a major event that threatens us. We feel as though something is attacking us so our response is to freeze with fear, guard our hearts and blindfold ourselves from the threat. In the Smith-Wait deck, the woman has blindfolded herself to cope. She has disassociated from the situation and has swords up in case anyone (even her loved ones) gets any closer. Sometimes we need to detach a little to survive the moment. When we are so stressed out and everything is coming down on us all at once sometimes we need to shut off so we can rest, but the two of swords warns us of detaching too much. This warning is especially true if it's reversed or paired with the Wheel of Fortune Card. If reversed, the character has fallen backwards into the choppy waters and rocks behind her. She has become overwhelmed by emotion and her efforts to protect herself did not work. Watch out for sickness including upper-respiratory illnesses and stress-related disorders.

Lastly, pay attention to the moon. Tonight we are in a waning moon. The moon shown in the corner is a waning moon, preparing for the new cycle. During the new moon, it's necessary to be quiet. During the waning moon (the few days before the new moon), make sure to clear anything out of your life that does not serve you anymore, this includes unnecessary walls guarding your heart; residual defensiveness from past trauma, loss and heartache. Now is not the time to be bitter or hold grudges.

This card also begs the reader to ask, what are you scared of?