Thursday, July 14, 2011

Does it Really Work?

I recently read tarot for a friend and it was her first time getting her cards read. She told me when she was little she was really curious about magic and tarot cards, but her mom always discouraged it. This story made my heart brake a little.

Her first tarot reading was a success! We started off simply talking about her job and career path and finally she was able to boil all her struggles down to one specific question. She stated her question aloud while shuffling the deck and slowly, carefully I pulled each card into it's place.

She asked a question about a struggle she was having at work and gained more clarity about the situation. After the reading was over she had a plan about how she was going to talk to her co-worker and her boss. The cards also implied that she would meet an older, maternal person that would help her through her struggle and that she would soon see an increase in wealth.

A few weeks later, my friend ended up taking a second, part-time job she was offered. She was happy about the extra cash in her pocket and the woman who trained her taught her a lot about her other job she was struggling with. It was great to hear the story later on. She said "It really worked! The cards just new. It's a little strange how that stuff just happens. Maybe it's part self-fulfilling prophecy..."