Thursday, August 12, 2010

More on The Moon...

New Moon (Maiden Moon, Dark Moon)
Three day period where the moon is hidden from our view. The sun is energizing the moon preparing for the upcoming cycle. It's good to use the dark moon days for self reflection, quiet, and meditation. A new awareness is taking seed.

Waxing Crescent
We meet our first challenges of this moon cycle. What ever was sewn during the first days of the dark moon begins to manifest here. You have the power to change and alter situations and it's best to make decisions grounded in what is important to you.

Full Moon (Mother Moon)
The moon is now at the height of her power, reflecting the original intent of the new moon and what has been sewn. Here we reap what we sew. If you have followed your intent, it is a time of success and culmination. If you have avoided your goal and/or obstacles have gotten in the way of your spiritual path, break-downs and explosions might occur. The days before and after a full moon physic abilities and intuition is advanced.

Waning Crescent (Crone Moon)
The moon carries all the wisdom learned from this past cycle, and the muscle memory of all past moon cycles. You may feel confidence, grace and acceptance of life's cycles. This is the time to adapt, flow, go through the motions, tell stories and teach others who are younger. If you resist acceptance, the same issues and challenges may repeat themselves in the next moon cycle or until you make it right.