Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's your MOON sign?

What's your sign? Most people mean "What's your sun sign?" (Where the sun was in the zodiac when you where born.) I like to think of sun signs as what we project or radiate to the world around us. But Moon signs are super cool. They reflect what we are feeling on the inside and affect our emotional demeanour. The moon travels across one sign of the zodiac in about two and a 1/2 days. It travels through the entire zodiac during the course of a month. Like our emotions, the moon is a little bit harder to track. I keep a moon calendar handy in my home to help me follow it's location. The farmers almanac and other gardening guides have a lot of moon location information because farmers have followed the moon's cycle for centuries to aid in stronger crops. (Check out the Farmer's Almanac site: Below are some traits of each zodiac sign and possible feelings that might come up when the moon is in this specific sign. If the moon is travelling through your personal moon sign, the feelings will be intensified and affect you a lot more than others.
Not sure what your moon sign is? Enter your birth-date and birth-time here:

Pisces: This is a creative time for a lot of people. Emotions can be intense as well. Now is the time to dabble in a hobby and surround yourself with inspiring people and books. Your imagination might even take over your logical brain, so now is not the time to make huge decisions about your future. Best to go with the flow and not make too many plans. Scribble down your dreams and pretend you're a ballet dancer in your kitchen sometimes. You may feel confused, foggy, or scared during this moon pattern, especially those with Pisces in the charts. Others may just be late and non-committal.

Aquarius: You will find yourself being unusually tolerant and patient with others. Aquarians tend to be social workers, activists, or teachers. Surround yourself with a lot of interesting characters and you will do just fine. You can expect some weird circumstances, bizarre people, random thoughts, and omens from the past to pop up during this cycle. Make sure to write these things down for future solutions.

Capricorn: Now is the time to step up to the plate and deal with unanswered bills, jobs, voicemails and emails. People with Capricorn moons are skilled and diligent. You always want a Capricorn moon on your office team or in your study group. If you're feeling depressed and sad during this moon cycle, just simply rest and think hard about the many blessings all around you. Be grateful. Sometimes there just isn't enough hours in a day to finish everything. Keep a To-Do list with you at all times and write down what ever needs attending to at bed-time. Let it go before you hit the pillow.

Sagittarius: During this moon transit you might find yourself google searching tree-houses in Vermont, villas in Tuscany, or sustainable living communes somewhere freakishly desolate in Maine. You might ask yourself "why" a lot and philosophizes the death out of mundane things like orange juice and trash day. Saggitarians will feel this the strongest. Just be patient. Routine does give us some advantages. Focus on making small changes to your everyday routine and take pleasure in taking the long way home. Wait for this cycle to end before making any rash decisions on leaving a relationship or a job. It is, however, a great time to buy a new pet, test drive a new car, or ride a hot air balloon.

Scorpio: Sometimes intense feelings can stand in the way of decision making and take up so much space that it's hard to even focus on the day to day. Have you ever had a hard conversation with a friend who just can't stop crying or being grumpy enough to focus on the intellectual agreement or disagreement at hand? Such is the spirit of the Scorpio moon. While this may not be helpful at work or talking to your partner about the bills, it's a great time to ignite sexual passions and attend creative retreats. Make sure to harness all those emotions into something healthy. Examples: journaling, yoga, running, beating a pillow with a stick (privately in your bedroom alone).

Libra: This is when many relationships exist in harmony. Work is diplomatic and fair. Siblings rivalry is in a lull and adults will successfully reconcile with family and friends. The Libra moon also warrants indulgences in spa days, shopping, and clothing. Do the budget and then go support your local economy.

Virgo: Watch out for all of that "constructive criticism" piling up to make a tragedy. Don't focus on the negative, you know stress is bad for your health. Now is a great time to start a new health regime, meal plan by your cook-book, and purchase a new planner with inspiring quotes inside. Also, if you've been avoiding it, now is a great time to clean the closet and bring your friend to the zumba class you've always talked about and wanted to try. Seriously, if you can't flamboyantly flail your arms and sweat in stretch pants in front of your friends, who are they anyway?

Leo: I always think of a regal lion when I hear Leo. A Leo moon cycle is an excellent time to act like one. Ask for a raise, be confident as you strut your stuff down the street and use those big paws for love, family and deeply-bonded friendships. Sometimes the Leo moon can bring a melodrama to the picture, but remember to keep you "Lion King/Circle of Life" perspective.

Cancer: In a cancer-moon transit, emotions may be stormy with a chance of rain. Add PMS on top of it and you might be a sensitive mess crying at a Stevie Nicks song or a Disney commercial. Best to stay inside, cook up a delicious dish and eat away! Indulge in romantic comedies and tear-jerker dramas. (Fried Green Tomatoes is an excellent example.)

Gemini: The twin-moon is a great time to be social and chatty. Chat up your best friend over tea and text your other BFF on the way to the tea shop. A friend or lover might attach themselves to your hip and expect you to carry them around for a few days. Be careful while travelling uphill. Gossip might be rampant at work, make sure to tone it down a notch when it involves the big boss. Call your brother or sister, siblings might need your attention at this time.

Ah the Taurus moon! Best time to take a "staycation" and nest at home in the garden or start an herb garden in your window sill. If you are travelling, make sure to avoid the whoppers and happy meals and pack the healthy snack. De-tox from all the stress and relax throughout this moon cycle. This is also a great time to give your lover a shoulder-rub, hike a mountain and listen for bird calls, and indulge in fresh veggies from your local farmers market. Snuggle up with the blankets or do it in the tall grass.

Aries: Be careful about the rash decisions around this time. You may feel like throwing away the blender and that rare coin collection. Here's a tip: keep the blender, make a smoothie, and donate the coin collection. Watch your temper during this moon cycle, disagreements will come fast. Tip #2: Walk it off. You'll forget why you were fighting in the first place once you reach the end of the block. The best thing about the Aries moon cycle? The sex. Hump like bunnies. Tip #3: Bring the safe sex supplies.