Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello November! Mercury In Retrograde? Yikes...

Mercury is in retrograde again and there is a solar eclipse in Scorpio. WHAT? Yeah, and it started on Election Day, but despite the clear winnings on the 6th, we are still in for some rocky roads during the next few weeks. Time to conserve energy and not be social. Stay in. Don't date. Don't throw a birthday party. Is it football season? Don't go to a football game. Don't leave your house actually, or your bed. Just watch movies on your iPad all day under the covers. Tell your roommate she's being too loud. Don't even go to work, just hibernate all winter like a brown bear. Ok ok ok, for those of us who can't do this, best to just hunker down in your office and catch up on emails quietly. 

Social events and emotions are muddy, communication is a bust, and even though you thought you confirmed plans with your friend twice, she heard something else entirely. Best not to text message about the details or you might drive for hours and show up unannounced, or even run into car trouble on the way. Also, it will probably rain a lot and be dreary. You'll forget your umbrella.

You will however  have a very confusing sexual appetite all while wanting to burst into tears. This is the Scorpio's energy combined with the homeostasis of the retrograde. On December 15th the retrograde will stop and things will be less confusing. Clarity will come soon, just be patient. Take this opportunity to reflect on the past and heal the broken parts the best ways you know how, even if that means skipping the gym and having some comfort food. 

The Death Card is the Scorpio card in the tarot deck. It represents a dying out of some kind and a rebirth into a new you. It's the perfect card for November. You are planting the seeds and bulbs for the spring. How can you evolve? Who will you be? Who do you want on your team?  How do you want to feel about yourself? (Hopefully, this time around, you won't be that same old tired defensive controlling weird person you once were.) 
It is said that those who fight the changes and grieving process around the death card (and the month of November) end up making more problems for themselves in the long run. Why not try something different this time, don't fight it, just let go. My very wise-beyond-her-years pregnant friend said to me yesterday as we were cleaning up her yard and planting crocus bulbs: "planting bulbs in November is an act of faith". She's right. It's faith in the future, trust in ourselves, and trust that spring will come again. We will survive the winter, everything will unwind, we will find happiness again and again and again, we must be patient.